December 4, 2009

Life after NaNoWriMo

Anyone else getting the shakes? You know exactly what I'm talking about. You wake up and the first thought through your mind is, gotta write, gotta write. So you sit down and almost instinctively, you pull up your NaNoWriMo file. But then you realize that you finished it. The stories over, it's time to move on.

And a part of you is completely relieved. I mean, NaNo was intense. There's something about invisible deadlines that drive one up the wall. At the same time, however, you miss it. NaNo was so there for you, all through November. It was there through the cold nights and long days. It was always patiently waiting, just hoping that you'd check in every day and leave it little notes.

It's kind of like breaking up with a boyfriend. Sure, you know that it was an amazing ride and you have some wonderful memories. You still sometimes wear the perfume he sent you and occasionally don the necklace he gave you for your one year anniversary. Sometimes you pick up your phone and start to dial his number, only to stop halfway because you know talking to him again is a huge mistake.

And now that it's over, you forget just how NEEDY he was and how he was ALWAYS THERE begging for attention. You forget that he called at strange hours of the night and really didn't let you see your other friends and family. You FORGET just how all consuming he was and that he gave you some bad habits, like skipping over important things and doing what's easy first.

So then you realize that maybe it's time for a clean break. That November is over, so maybe you should stop dwelling on NaNo and focusing on new projects.

And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

After I glance at my NaNo project JUST ONE MORE TIME and work on editing it...

Yes, just one more. I can quit anytime. I can. Really.

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  1. Hehe I actually haven't touched my NaNo since I finished it. I'm terrified of it. I think I'll just pretend that it never happened!