August 10, 2009


So far today has been relatively unproductive, writing wise. It's not like I planned for that to be the case.

Actually, I planned for just the opposite.

Right now, next to me, I have a list two miles long of all the things I wanted to do. I have characters to create and pieces to edit. I have brainstorming sessions to do and chapters to finish, but...

but there was a Milliionaire Matchmaker marathon on Bravo and I love to see people even more clueless on dating than me.

and then 90210 came on and I had to know if Jason and Kelly were going to get married! The show was totally banned in my house growing up and I have to get my adolescent fill now .

and then my cat got sick and I had to clean that up. Because seriously, you can't leave a mess. Ew.

and then the new Victoria's Secret catalog came today and I'm a sucker for their Pink line, so I had to daydream and plan on what to buy.

and also, in the mail, my subscription to Writer's Digest came and I had to read it cover to cover and dream about being published one day.

and two, brace yourselves, apparently I'm pre-approved for a loan of $5000.00. I was selected out of thousands of people and I had to investigate and rejoice and see how they got my name, considering I haven't ever owned a Citibank card or even gone to one of their banks.

and then my left foot itched.

and so did my right arm.

and then I realized that my sock drawer isn't color co-ordinated and neither is my closet.

and then, while I was color co-ordinating my closet, I realized that Fall clothing season is upon us, so I had to google the latest trends and see what I needed to buy to supplement my wardrobe.

and then my big toe started itching.

and then I realized it had been awhile since I painted my toes and they were looking a little chipped, so I had to soak them and treat them right, because how can I exist without good grooming and you really need to take care of yourself.

and then 90210 caught my attention again. That Valerie is so evil.

and then I decided to fix up my blog.

and then I decided that since I spent all that time arranging my blog and coming up with a new color scheme, I had to write a post because it would be ridiculous to go to all that work without actually using it.



So clearly, I've been far too busy today to write.


1 comment:

  1. Those are all legitimate reasons to avoid writing. ;-)

    On the bright side, you've still got the rest of the night!